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Transmission Damage

Since my feet are so big (11EEE) and the parking brake pedal is so close to the transmission cover, I find it easier to put the transmission in neutral or park when stopped for traffic lights, train crossings, etc. Am I doing any damage to my transmission by doing so?

Parking Brake Pedal ? Transmission Cover ? What ? Why Would You Put On The Parking Brake At A Stop Light ?
Let’s Look At Your Feet For A Moment . . . And Your Car . . . And Your Driving.

11EEE shoes are not all that big. Maybe the car’s too small or poorly designed or who knows ?

I have to drive a Ford Escort sometimes (favor) and that dxxx thing doesn’t have enough clearance between the brake and gas pedals for almost any feet, especially with winter swampers worn here for about 6 months every year.

You’re putting lots of extra wear and tear on linkages and the parking pawl, etcetera. If you get bumped, you’ll damage that transmission.

What is the make, model, model-year of this car ?


I Don’t Get It. You’re Using The Brake Pedal To Stop The Car. Right ?
Why Can’t Your Foot Stay On That Pedal Until It’s Time To Accelerate ?

Explain, please.

Is this a serious question or a joke?

I smell a troll.

I’m trying to figure out what a parking brake pedal is doing next to a “transmission cover”? The tunnel that the transmission sits in for a RWD vehicle? That would be on your right side, and the parking brake pedal would be on your left side…

I wear 13 EEEE shoes and have no problem with my setup(parking brake pedal on the left). Maybe a bigger car will help

I wear 15W shoes and find it convenient to have the seat all the way back and tilt my foot sideways on the gas pedal, kind of at a diagonal.

15w ? Could you just as easily drag your foot out the door to stop the car ? ;=)