Transmission codes

hello. I have 2012 sonata 2.4l 6speed auto. recently the engine light came on. I had it scanned. it came back p0713, p0711, p0713 on the codes. The next morning light engine light was off. It has never came back on. I had it rescanned and the p0713 is the only code in there. Any clue if this is serious or not? All I’ve been able to learn is something to do with the fluid temp and pressure. Any info is greatly appreciated!!

This car has a 10 year, 100000 mile warranty on the engine and transmission. I’d take it to a Hyundai dealer and see what they advise.

As ATF breaks down, it tends to run hotter. Running hotter will also wear out your transmission faster. If I were to make a SWAG on this, I’d start with an ATF drain and fill. You should consider having it done by the dealer if a specific transmission fluid is needed. Most chain transmission shops will use a universal ATF that they will put some additives in that they hope will work for you.

A lot of newer vehicles require a synthetic ATF to begin with. At least the dealer will use the correct ATF. The dealer may want to do a complete transmission flush instead of a drain and fill. If so, ask them if they will drop the pan first and replace the filter. Some transmission don’t have a pan so that will not be applicable, but I’d still want them to drain out the old fluid first, refill and then run the fluid exchange machine.

In some of the newer transmissions, even that is not really practical, but I’d ask first. BTW those codes are for overheated ATF. If you look at the codes on your scanner, some will be PD or pending codes. Pending means that the code was only detected once in recent drive cycles (3 to 10 depending on model). They do not set the MIL (check engine light). The second detection, the code(s) without the pd turns on the light.

p0713 indicates a problem w/ the temperature of the transmission fluid.

I don’t see a listing for a p0711 diagnostic code for the 2012 sonata 2.4L. A google search indicates it is for the same sort of problem as the p0713, problem with the temperature of the transmission fluid.

Your shop will determine if the problem is actually the temperature of the fluid, or that the computer isn’t measuring the temperature accurately b/c of a sensor, wiring problem, etc. As mentioned above, if it hasn’t been done recently, now would be a good time for a proper transmission service. If the transmission fluid level is low that could also cause fluid overheating.