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Transman What is a converter clutch?

Trans man I got a trouble code for a converter clutch error on my 91 f150.Will this cause the truck to surge and jerk when it reaches an rpm of 2000 or higher.The tranny is an E40D

the converter clutch is the “torque converter clutch” - under certain conditions it locks the engine and transmission together so that they both turn at the same speed. The main purpose, as far as I know is fuel economy.

it tends to give symptoms not at certain rpms but at certain speeds / in certain gears. you might be able to find out for sure though as I’m pretty sure that the tcc can be unplugged on many vehicles - yours might be one. with it unplugged the tcc won’t lock and if it is causing any problems they should go away.

the solution could be as simple as a new or cleaned tcc solenoid, or it might mean a new torque converter.

So can that cause the truck to jerk and the rpm’s to drop suddenly?

Yes, it will surge, we call it a shudder. Heres what I want you to do. Drive the vehicle at a steady speed (The speed you feel the shuddering the most)and hold that speed. When you feel the shuddering and while you are holding that speed lightly push on the brake pedal, just enough to light the brake lights. Does the rpm’s slightly increase and the shuddering disappear?? If it does then the converter clutch is most likely damaged and needs to be replaced. What was the EXACT code you got with it??