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Trans problem - 2008 Kia Sedona

does anyone know why the car would surge and rev high so badly that took qt of oil to get home and then burnt smell and now black transmission fluid and codes for bad transmission

Has the fluid level been kept topped up and has it been changed as per the schedule in the owner’s manual? Has the van been used for trailer towing?

I’ve never seen a code for a “bad transmission”.

Could you post that specific code for us.


---- Yosemite wrote:

P0734 - usually caused by dirty or insufficient transmission fluid
P0735 - usually caused by dirty or insufficient transmission fluid

If you’re lucky a good transmission flush will fix it.

When you say “oil”, do you mean transmission fluid? If so, was the correct transmission fluid used?

Regardless, as mentioned above, replacing the fluid is a reasonable first step to see if that makes a difference. I suggest that you have this done at a good independent transmission shop. If that doesn’t fix the problem, then unfortunately you’re probably looking at a transmission replacement next, which I’d also recommend be done at that shop.

do not know dealer checked when in for head gasket estimate and I checked but I only owned 8 months

---- NYBo wrote:

codes on the car came up for internal transmission replacement and two gears do not work I can try it again up the road but last trip out would not go past 30 mph

---- lion9car wrote: