Trailering with an Escape

I need honest answers about pulling a pop up camper weighing 3000lbs. with an Escape that I am thinking of buying.

I suspect Escapes come in many different flavors. 3000 pounds is quite a load for a vehicle the size of an escape to tow… So you will need one with the biggest engine option, factory towing package and highest towing capacity…

Do not tow with the hybrid Escape. Just the v6 which is rated at 3500 lb capactity in my '09 Ford towing guide. ( 4cyl non-hybrid is only 1500 )

Re-learn to drive that heavy rig ! It will be all that the Escape can handle. And the biggest surprize, that you MUST learn and remember, will be the braking.

Spend the money and install properly operating trailer brakes…A 3000 pound trailer DEMANDS it…

Towing capacities are not written in stone. Frequency and conditions determine safety and potential mech. problems. You can do more if it’s just around the block.
A 3500 lbs limit for the v6 even, sounds too close to me for a 3000 lbs camper unless it’s infrequent, w/o much additional load in camper or vehicle and easy conditions (hills, speed etc.)
If it’s often ,with other cargo and asked to do more with terrain and speed, I’d get a rwd/4wd vehicle rated over 5000 lbs. My preference being truck frame based SUV or truck and not a car based SUV wantabee.

Most pop-up campers don’t come with brakes. ( in my recent memory , but I havent towed that light in a while. )
I do believe they can be added with a kit. I hope wingman does that.

I even used equalizer bars, when my 79 truck could handle the tongue weight of the 27’ trailer, for an amazing improvement in handling.
Yet, with the 92 Explorer ( here’s where my experience with brake fade leads to my big caution to wingman ) towing a large single axle u-haul-type trailer loaded with rock band gear, there were times when both feet on the brake pedal AND downshifting barely made a dent in slowing that rig !

Out of curiousity I ask, has anyone ever seen or had it exolained the criteria used in establishing a vechicles towing capacity? are all systems considered (engine,brakes,cooling,tires etc.)

Is the rating system reliable.

The only multi-link front suspension and IRS rear suspension combo vehicle I felt comfortable towing with was the BMW X5 but there must be more. I really like a solid rear axel with leaf springs and the correct ratio in the 3rd member for towing.

As you probably know, each manufacturer issues ratings for towing capacity based upon the capacity of each of vehicles components and it’s ability to handle the stress of towing. The problem has always been, that criteria for “handling” safety has in general been neglected, why would a manufacturer not neglect to include that consideration in towing ratings ? FWD cars/vans with tow ratings in excess of 3000 lbs come to mind, as well as you rightfully include, being suspect of any frame less, independently sprung vehicle. There are exceptions, but they’re expensive and hard to justify.

And really, how valid are manufacturer’s towing capacities on trucks/cars with poor tires and/or maintenance. Dodge increases their capacity for 2010 over 1000 lb with NO hardware changes. That’s why it’s safer to look for safety margins between ratings and actual use. It’s all suspect in my opinion.

Is 3,000 lbs. the pop-up camper trailer’s actual weight or the trailer’s GVWR (gross vehicle weight rating)? Usually, the trailer’s GVWR is higher than the actual weight. A 3,000 lb. pop-up camper trailer must be pretty big. The trailer will need brakes, a weight distribution trailer hitch, and a sway control bar. The trailer brakes will be either surge brakes or electric brakes. If the brakes are electric, you will need to have a brake controller installed in the Escape.

Basically, this boils down to the Escape’s towing capacity and how much you are willing to spend on the towing equipment. The 2009 Escape has 3,500 lbs. of towing capacity with V6 engine when properly equipped.

Ken, you are thinking of the small pop-up campers. Today, pop-up campers come in all sizes, and if this one weighs 3,000 lbs., I am willing to bet it has either surge brakes or electric brakes.