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Trailer versus Dolly

I just listened to Car Talk on Armed Forces Network here in Germany. A caller asked if it would be better to rent a dolly or a trailer to transport her car. Having used both, I would suggest a trailer. I used a dolly on a cross-country drive from California to Maryland. The front of my car was a mess, every piece of glass and plastic was shattered. I used a trailer from Maryland to Alaska, plus I put a car cover on the car and secured a piece of plywood to the front of the trailer. There was NO damage to the car at all. The cost of damage was ten times the difference in price. Go with the trailer.

The caller had terms reversed. Dollies are 2 wheeled appliances that supports the front of the towed vehicle; rear wheels are on the ground.
advantages 1. cost less 2. does not add much weight to the move, hence maybe better mpg[moving truck] for the move.
disadvantage 1. you cannot back up. if one does back up a dollied car, one needs to go back and retighten the securing straps . one may have to remove the car and reload it.
as working as a rental truck agent, i did not see any damage to cars that were dropping off the truck and dolly.

car trailer [also transport trailer, auto transporter]
advantage 1. it can be used as any trailer; one can back up the trailer if one has that talent [ use a friend to guide the backing to prevent backing into anything].
much longer than a dollied car; one has to have more space to switch lanes or make a sharp turn.

hope this helps g.m.