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Trading in A New Car for A Newer Car/Thinking Outloud

men are nurses too

sorry to hear about your grandmother…

U could sell car for $25-30k. That’s it’s value. Use money on any other car. That’s called life

This is a learning event - learn that frequent selling/buying of cars is the rout to financial headaches. Except for housing and college, your biggest expense might just be your car, including taxes, fuel, insurance, etc. Start now with a ‘keep and hold’ strategy, and you’ll be BIG $$ ahead.

But Daemones generally take a female form but not always…

And quit swearing on-line. It is really not necessary to make a point.

My college roommate had a trust fund that I was jealous of. He had to get permission from the bankers though for any purchases. The money went for college, then he was allowed to buy a couple used cars. He couldn’t access the money himself until he was 25. I think that was wise and the bankers were wise. Using $30,000 at 19 to buy a new car with Grandma’s money, I think is not wise. $30,000 in a low cost mutual fund at 19 can provide life long benefits when the shiney new car is in the scrap yard.

Yes, they are. Even here in Mexico. A young man I have known since he was a small boy graduates from a two or three year nursing school in the state capitol tomorrow. In Mexico they have to do a year of public service after graduation. He says he can do his right in his home town, (he hopes) because it is a rural village where it is hard to fill.

He really liked surgical nursing in his training.

“Don’t want to make this sound depressing or saddening but my parents didn’t buy me the Avalon, well, not technically. My grandma set aside money”

So you admit that you started this thread, based on a big lie

Let’s agree you wasted everybody’s time

The Avalon is a fine car that will last you for years if you treat it well. Learn the maintenance intervals and stick to them as a minimum. Changing transmission fluid more often than called for (just drain and refill) is a solid practice as auto transmissions still sometimes fail and are painful to replace. With that big. comfy car your friends are going to want you to drive them around. Nothing wrong with that, as long as there is someone sober to get you back home. Yeah, it’s your car, but it’s fine for other people to be designated driver if they’re trustworthy. If your friends aren’t trustworthy, I hope you like cranberry juice. Someone who spent his own money on an Avalon sounds pretty sensible to me, so you’ve probably figured out what idiots drunks are.

I hope you have the chance to do some road trips around the country while you’re young. The Avalon would be a wonderfully relaxing road trip car with room for a buddy or two. I was lucky enough to travel a lot when young and don’t regret any of it. Wish I could do those trips all over again to see how things have changed in 40 years.

no db, his/her grandmother left his mom the money, she decided to “give” him/her 1/3 of that.
I m sure with conditions.
I don t see any lies, just youthful exuberance

I see things differently, in this situation

yes, it’s clear OP is youthful

However, lies are lies

I’m sure we told our fair share of lies when we were young

I sure did

Some of us have never stopped . . .

I say my grandmother paid a chunk of my college tuition. The reality is she died, my dad inherited, and he gave each of us a payout to spend on college. When I was little and drawing with crayons at Grandma’s house she used to say she’d put me through art school. I say she did.