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Trade a Mercedes for a Prius?

We own 2006 ML350 with 80,000 mils. Owe more than 2008 Prius that we are considering. Situation: Mercedes cost $ 5000 2yrs ago with freakish thing (some rod, I don’t know, fell into something–never, ever happens) (Took it to non-Mercedes dealer or might have had .help.(wh0 knew?). Next this spring it stalled on me like transmission. Mercedes dealer ran tests–bad gas. Then, quit running two months ago because small dent in rear caused rust to interrupt electrical–another $5000 (insurance pd. My husband thinks this car is a lemon and is afraid to start the car for fear of what next? We added silver grill, floor runners, spent 5K cash–plus owe more than it is valued. And he wants a Prius. what does anyone have to say? We actually argue over this but I know that if something else goes wrong with the Mercedes I will not hear the end of it!

If you owe more than the car is worth, trading to another car is financially crazy unless you absolutely have to.

You had a major engine problem in a 2 year old car and YOU had to pay for it? I’d be chewing on Mercedes for that, personally.

So, of the three incidents you’ve had, one should have been covered by Mercedes, one was caused by an accident (the dent) and one was caused by bad gas.

How exactly is this car a lemon? I think your husband just wants a new car, and is trying to justify it.

No way for us to know which one best fits your needs. If you can afford to get rid of the ML, then do it, it’s well on its way to being a money pit. What you replace it with is up to you to decide.

The ML 350 is a Mercedes Benz in name only – it’s built in Tuscaloosa Alabama, not Germany. If you want a real MB, buy an E or S-Class. Want an SUV – buy a Toyota, Nissan, or Ford.


You bought a Mercedes SUV heavily financed and on a budget, added $5000 worth of useless decorations, and now want to trade it even though you owe more than it’s worth? No wonder you’re arguing.

Sell the car for whatever you can get, add your own check to pay the loan off (the bank holding the lien will require you to), then see what you have left and choose a vehicle you can afford. If you have no cash to cover the balance between the loan and the amount you sell the vehicle for, talk with the bank about an unsecured loan for the difference. They may let you if the difference is not too great.

Remember, the bank owns the car right now. They hold the title. You need to talk with them up front about what they’ll allow you to do.

The Mercedes will continue to cost you above average quantities of money if you keep it.

The Prius will also cost a lot to keep going when the battery packs wear down and need replacing.

This is easily one of the most absurd posts I’ve seen on this list.
A ML has no engineering or production input from the homeland?
How many other vehicles are “In name only”? Any Toyota’s Ford’s or Chevrolet’s made outside the home country boarders?