my dad has a case trackhoe, i know nothing about it, i havent seen or operated it yet, it is medium sized from what i hear, diesel of course, he says it bogs down everytime he hits a control, i figured hydraulic pump, but what do you guys think?


Case backhoe (not trackhoe) The 580 is the most popular on construction sites.

I used to jerk these (among many other makes and sizes) from jobsite to jobsite before I retired.

Your prognosis on the ‘bogging down’ may be on the money.

Damaged hydraulic lines or even dirty spool valves can cause this fault.

Ensure the filters are clean.

This being an auto forum you may not get much help here.

I was back-tracking looking for another post when I came across yours.
Hope that helps a bit.


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Does the engine ‘bog down’ when the machine is traveling uphill? Ask him to check the fuel tank for condensation.

There is a tube (of a type of paste) that you can mark the end of a (wooden) dipstick with that turns purple if there is water present.
I forget what it’s named.

Does he use a diesel fuel conditioner in summer? We used it every third fill up.


its a trackhoe not a backhoe if thats what your saying, and thank you this helped


you might post over at While their focus is compact tractors, many of the folks there can also help with construction equipment questions.


Track mounted instead of rubber eh? OK.
Anyway, let me know how it turns out will you?


im a little bit confused, type in trackhoe on google and look at the second pic on images. thanks




i just realized roadrunner has answered all of my questions, (advice, messed up bike 1and 2, and 05 ford,) and always has been right, are you a mechanic?