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Toyota yaris 2006, headlights adjustment

Hello guys
I’m struggling with adjusting the headlights for Toyota yaris from 2006
Basically it should be easy because the car have a button for adjusting the light, but doesn’t work.
I don’t know how to adjust manually…
I also found some wires disconnected and I belive is the reason why automatic adjustment it’s doesn’t work but I don’t know where I must plug the wires.

What is this automatic adjustment you refer to . Is it going from dim to bright or the auto setting ?

Are you talking about switching from low to high beams or aiming the headlights?


I find it hard to believe that auto-dimming headlights were offered in the 2006 Yaris.

Headlight leveling controls are a requirement in some European countries.


If that connector is the problem, you will need to find its mate. It looks like it has been disconnected for a while based on the corrosion. Is this car new to you?

This person has deleted several posts and I don’t think English is a primary language . What I saw before they were deleted was that he thought there was an electrical connection to raise or lower the headlight aim height . He was looking for a knob that he could turn to make the headlights aim higher . This from trying to understand what he really meant but I doubt if he will return.