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Toyota water pump recommendation

I’ll be replacing the water pump on a 1999 Toyota Corolla. Rock Auto has the following brands available.

Pronto - $22.79
Airtex - $23.79
Gates - $26.79
ITM Engine Components - $29.79
Cardone Select - $33.79
AC Delco - $34.99
AISIN - $37.99
Beck/Arnley - $47.79

I’d like to choose one that’s less likely to leak when installed, and that will last a long time. Does anyone here have recommendations on what to get, or what to avoid?

I’d pick the Gates, or the Cardone. both are well established and are top quality parts suppliers.


I took a quick look at them, I’d go with the Gates.

I would use the Aisin, BeckArnley, and Gates in that order. And I’m a professional mechanic if that means anything to you.

I can’t help but notice you listed the prices of the parts. There’s only a difference of $25 between the economy stuff and the top of the line. Don’t forget to factor in shipping and time when comparing prices with your local independent auto parts store.

I would go with Aisin, for some reasons not yet mentioned

They tend to be the OEM manufacturer for Toyota water pumps

And the Aisin kits tend to have the more expensive and correct gasket, whereas some of the other kits often have gaskets which differ significantly from the OEM design

i agree with @db4690 : AISIN is the original pump. The issue with the leaks is usually the gasket, so might as well get the original since the price diff is not earth shattering.

Thanks everyone for the recommendations, especially so late at night.

@asemaster I listed the prices in case it might factor in anyone’s decision. I was willing to pay the premium for the Beck/Arnley if necessary for the reason that you mentioned. I don’t want to have to redo the work, nor waste a gallon of expensive antifreeze.

@db4690 and @galant OEM carries some extra weight in this instance. The car has 267k + miles, and this is the original pump. That’s a tough act to follow.

As a long time Toyota owner I vote for the Aisin.

Internet is great. RA has no stock. U buy it from them, they buy it from supplier. Supplier ships it.

Are those NEW pumps or rebuilt pumps? If rebuilt then I’ll bet the core is OEM…the individual manufacturers just rebuilt the core.


About those brands . . .

Beck/Arnley doesn’t actually MAKE water pumps, AFAIK. They are a distributor

Aisin definitely DOES make the water pump

I can’t speak with certainty about the others, though

I bought a lower priced water pump locally. Its gasket wouldn’t stay in place while maneuvering the pump into place. Frustrated, I took it back and asked if they had other water pumps that would fit. They brought out a couple others of somewhat higher price and said one was OEM. At first glance it was a higher quality casting of more complex shape. The gasket set securely in place. The store gladly took back the inferior one and I gladly paid the diff. No problem installing.

My suggestion is took ask to look at and handle the alternatives that are offered and buy locally.

Just to back the OEM WP in this case, I once bought a replacement radiator for our Dodge Caravan. It was late Sunday night and I needed to get the car on the road by early Monday. So went to the local chain store, the only one open and bought the only radiator that would fit my car and was in stock. Other than the pain of installing the radiator which on newer cars is like disassembly of the whole front end, I spent another hour cutting the brackets and making it fit. The radiator was obviously of inferior quality too and started leaking in 6 months.