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Toyota Trueno gearbox problem. HELP!

Hey. Just put a second hand gear box in my toyota trueno, 1991, ae101, 4afe.the gearbox I threw in was fully dry like it had been out for awile. the problem I am having is that when I throw it in reverse it stays in reverse so I can go threw my gears but its still in reverse(reverse lights stay on), so I can reverse in neutral. only way to get it out of reverse is throw it in to second gear then get the car moving then when you pull it out of second gear you hear like a zipping sound then everything algoods til you put it in reverse again. any Help

Did you refill the transmission with the proper lubricant? If you did then drive it around until the transmission heats up. This may loosen all the sticking internal parts. If not, a good independent transmission shop may have to disassemble the transmission and find the problem.

This would be a Corolla in the US. If the gearbox was dry for a while, then it probably has some rust in it and that would be causing some problems. The alternative would be a broken shift fork, but then I don’t think you could get it into reverse in the first place.

I think you are going to need another gearbox.

 How many miles would you say would be sufficient to warm-up a manual transmission?  curious.  Rocketman

We had a campagin at BMW where we flushed the front diff (amazing there was a campaign for this) on certain X5’s and BMW wanted us to put 20 min.(or a certain number of miles) worth of driving on the car to warm the diff up for the inital fluid drop then the second flush fluid drop, no one ever did this.It was out the door around the block then back in. Can’t get away with that today (if they care to check all the time stamps required and mileage).“They” is BMW not the Dealer.We were told we were flushing metal pieces from the machining process.

One trick you might try is to drain out the gear oil and refill it with kerosene. Make a couple of short trips. low speed with lots of shifting to see if it breaks the rust loose. Then refill with the proper gear oil.