Toyota truck won't start


1990 toyota 4 x 4 22re won,t start. replace fuel pummp, fuel filter, fuel pressure… code 51… replaced ecu with used…still engine seems to be fuel starved


To see if the problem is due to just a lack of fuel try spraying some starter fluid into the intake and see if the engine tries to run. If so, then you know for sure it is a fuel delivery problem.

If there is a problem with the pump circuit then I would suspect the fuel pump relay first. Hopefully you have already checked the fuses for any problem. If those things are ok then you need to look for wire connection problems. If you don’t have a service manual I highly recommend getting one and a test light probe also to check for power.

Looking at meaning for code 51 the reference just said, “switch signal”. I assume that means the ignition switch but I’m not sure.


What does code 51 mean on this vehicle?

Describe what happens and does not happen when you try to start it.

If there is no spark, check the pickup coil inside the distributor (it takes the place of points in earlier distributors.)