Toyota Transmission

My husband’s 1991 Toyota Corolla goes into reverse when he first starts it in the morning but…then it won’t go into reverse the next time (same day) he tries to start it. Any ideas?

First check the trans fluid level, color, and smell. If the fluid is low, top it off with the correct fluid. If it is dark brown and/or has a burnt smell, replace all the fluid with fresh fluid via a transmission service.

When was the last time the trans was serviced? If never, then you could be looking at a new transmission soon.

UncleTurbo is correct. It is a shame that manufacturers don’t seem to recommend automatic transmission fluid changes any more, but they really do need to be changed. Ideally about every 30-40,000 miles, maybe more often if the spend most of their life parked.

There is a myth going around that changing the fluid will damage it somehow. This myth started because so many transmission fail right after a fluid change. However the owners seem to forget that they drove 180,000 miles and were starting to have transmission problems before they changed the fluid.

Note: Don't flush the transmission fluid, have it "changed."   Most anything (other than brakes) using the word flush means they want to flush your wallet!