Toyota trans fluid

Just drained & refilled trans on 2004 Toyota Sienna. Had to go to a dealer to get the recommended fluid, T-1V. It seems that it is almost insisted on, and perhaps would void any warranty if any other fluid was used. Anybody know of another replacement fluid that is usable. It wasn’t costly just over $5. per quart, I just hate to HAVE to use Toyota’s brand for no particular reason.

$5 per quart isn’t as bad as Honda Z-1 tranny fluid that cost about $8 per quart at most dealers.

Valvoline MaxLife Dex/Merc says it’s recommended for Toyota/Lexus type T, TII, TIV, except hybrids. I put this into my Honda for $3.50/qt from WalMart.

Your choice, but I would use the real stuff as recommended by TOYOTA, which may not be the same as recommended by the dealer. Check the owner’s manual and I strongly suggest you not use anything that does not meet Toyota’s specifications.

That fluid may seem expensive now, but if you end up buying a new transmission, it is going to look really cheap once it is too late.

How many miles does it have on it? I use Valvoline MaxLife Dex/Merc.


They CAN’T void your warranty…UNLESS they offer that fluid for FREE.

How often do you change the fluid??? The cost difference between the Toyota fluid and another high-quality fluid isn’t going to break the bank…If you keep your vehicle for 300k miles and change the fluid every 30k miles the cost difference over the 300k miles will be less then $100.

I don’t know if you’re asking me or syntap8. I have 103,000 miles on a 2002 Odyssey, original transmission. How many miles on the 2004 Sienna?