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Toyota Tacoma ball joint

In the past year my 98 tacoma has had 3 lower ball joint failures. i have taken it to the same mechanic every time and the excuses are numerous, they fix it free of charge and get me back on the road. The symptoms that preceded the wheel falling off all 3 times are beginning again so I have taken it to the mechanic so perhaps they can nip it before it falls off while I am on the interstate. New tires, alignment, and 3 suspension checks and they continue saying everything is good. Everything is tight, ball joints, tie rods, etc. It does not correct itself after a turn, it stays turned. They give more excuses. I call the Toyota dealership and give them the symptoms and they say, “Yep, the ball joint is going out.” I relay the message and they give me, “We can’t do anything until it fails.” I now know they are not the reputable nationwide chain for good service they tout themselves to be. Rhymes with Tes Fwab. Any suggestions why this keeps happening other than “bad parts”?

Never go to any national chain for repair except possibly for exhaust work if you have a local franchisee with a stellar reputation. I wouldn’t let these guys replace it again. Tell them with 3 failures in a year, someone doesn’t know what they are doing and if you have another you (or your estate ) are going to sue. Try to get your money back but go somewhere else. I think they are seriously over-tightening the nut.