Toyota Tacoma 2002 - check engine light

had muffler replaced and check engine light came back on. now it is catalytic converter and will cost an additional $3,000
any ideas??? needs to pass MA inspection.

year is 2002

Get a second opinion from a good independent mechanic. Make sure the catalytic converter is actually bad before you waste your hard-earned money. Post the fault code and I’m sure we can help you.

fault code is P0420

before muffler and 02 sensor fixed last week the code was P0442

The code’s right, but the price is outlandish. Missileman is suggesting that you have the output traces done no the oxygen sensors. I agree, but at 10 years old it probably will be the converter.

And installation on this vehicle is relatively easy. You may need a new upsteam oxygenm sensor too, as the old one will probably be permanently fused to the bung hole.

Thank you