Toyota Sienna removeable seats

So my spouse stored the seats I. The garage and it appears that they rusted some. Is this safe to put back in the van? Or no??

That looks very minor to me. I might clean it off just to be sure.


I could only post one picture it’s on all the clamps that attach to the van
Just wanted to check on the safety of it prior to a road trip.
Thanks for your response

I have the same seats in my wife’s 06 Sienna. They’re fine, but you might want to put a little oil on the moving parts of the latches.

Ed B.

The parts with the rust stains are only “guards” to protect the clasp inside the latch. No reason not to use the seats.

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I think the paint scraped off when the seats were placed on the concrete floor. You should be fine for this upcoming trip and a few more. You might consider removing the rust and painting the area to limit rust growth. There are rust converter paints that will limit future rusting. Remove the loose rust and spray it on. You can’t see the guards when the seats are in anyway.


If you ever pulled the back seat out of a car, you will find rust on the metal parts. Unless the connectors are rusted through or allergic to rust spores, go in peace.

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You should see the amount of rust on the under sides of many vehicles on the road in road salt areas!