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Toyota Sienna 2006 AWD TPMS

I have 4 winter tires (run-flats) on rims that worked fine last winter. 2 of the 4 tires need replacement, the other 2 have plenty of remaining tread.

If I replace these 2 tires and fit the 4 wheels to the car, will it upset the Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) which I believe for this model/year is the “indirect” type of TPMS.

Rather than worrying about the TPMS (which can always be ignored), I would suggest that you should worry much more about the center differential/clutch pack on this AWD vehicle.

Most AWD vehicles require tires that are very closely matched in circumference in order to avoid expensive damage to the center differential/clutch pack, and that is why it is essential to rotate the tires on AWD vehicles at a regular (5k or 7.5k) interval, in order to equalize tire wear. Check your Owner’s Manual to see what it says on the issue of tire rotation/matching tire circumference.

If, as I suspect, your manual has a statement about the importance of closely matched tires, then you really have no logical choice but to buy 4 replacement tires, and then to–hopefully–rotate them on schedule in order to avoid this situation in the future.

Acually the Sienna uses a pretty crappy part-time AWD system that is essentially FWD and kicks the rear tires as needed. When needed it uses the brakes to try and transfer torque to the wheel with supposed traction via computer control.

No real need to worry about different sets of tires front/rear. Subaru’s major advantage of full time AWD is its folly when replacing tires.

Thanks ,

Some good advice there, aside from the dubious comment on ignoring the TPMS light.
(fyi since we had the car, the light has come on on 3 occasions, each time legitimately; and in each case it was not obvious which tire had the flat just by looking. These are RFTs, the AWD variant has no place for a spare)

The sections in the Owner’s Manual relating to TPMS lead me to conclude the TPMS is the “indirect” type, and there are a few warnings about mixing tires; so I’m going to replace all 4 tires.