Toyota scion head gasket cracked, advice?

Hi, left on a trip. Returned. Someone else had been driving the car. At the airport, engine light was on. Tried to drive it home. Car died. Totally. Now won’t turn over. Mobile mechanic said this. 12 hours of work to get to head gasket. Head gasket is cracked. Car had been driven with a crack in radiator hose. Radiator drained. Now radiator gone. Head gasket cracked. 2006 Scion xB with 120k miles. Low budget right now. Mobile mechanic says he can do for about $1400. Thoughts? I really would like the best advice I can get. I know, it never should have been driven etc. But now I must solve the problem. Help with advice please.

Do you mean the Head is cracked??? Never heard of a cracked head-gasket.

Although for the price…it does sound like it’s a blown head-gasket.

If you let the radiator run dry…then you may have other problems. I don’t think you can really tell how much damage is done without further testing.

It sounds like you have MUCH bigger problems than a head gasket. If it ran without coolant your engine might be seized, requiring replacement. A ‘mobile mechanic’ is not the place for this, you’ll need to get it towed to a decenct Toyota/Scion mechanic, use the ‘Mechanics Files’ above to help find one.

You need to clarify the part about the engine not turning over.
This could mean the engine rotates with the starter motor but does not start and run OR it could mean the engine is stuck solid and the starter motor simply cannot rotate it.

If the former a compression test can help to determine if cylinders not affected by a head gasket breach are any good or not. Severe overheating often damages piston rings and cylinder walls. This means an engine overhaul and 1400 on a head gasket may be a waste of time and money.

If the engine is stuck due to severe overheating then it’s siezed up and may, or may not, even be worth rebuilding. The same thing applies in regards to the 1400 dollars; it may be a waste.

You’d be better off putting a salvage yard engine in it. It sounds like your motor is seized. If it was severely overheated, it will never be right again without a total rebuild, even if it isn’t seized up.

“Hi, left on a trip. Returned. Someone else had been driving the car.”

Sounds like the car suffered a severe overheat caused by lose of coolant…Neither you or the mechanic know how bad the overheat episode was…I would interrogate the driver a little more and try to find out exactly what you are dealing with…Giving $1400 to the Mobile Mechanic just sends him off on a fishing expedition…

I would authorize a reputable shop to pull the head ($400.00) after determening the gasket is blown (cylinder leak down test) IF not turnig over means not starting as it does for most people trying to describe these problems. If it truly does not rotate it’s engine time