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Toyota Rav4 suv 2011

Hello! I would like to buy My first new car… for this company toyota rav4 suv 22-28Mpg 7 seat… My country there is no any snow or Very cold Seasons… Would U help me please any information about that car… how is good or bad

The Rav-4 is one of the most reliable vehicles manufactured today.
That being said, I question some of the information in your post.

For instance, “22-28Mpg”. Trust me–in everyday driving, includiing a lot of highway driving, I have never seen a Rav-4 achieve more than 25 mpg. The typical average for a 4-cylinder, automatic transmission Rav-4 is 22-23 mpg–with only 1 or 2 people aboard. Once you load the vehicle down with more passengers (7??), you would be lucky to be able to eke out 20 mpg from a Rav-4.

Yes, it is available with an available third row seat, giving a theoretical 7 passenger seating capacity. However, if this vehicle is–as you seem to imply–for company use, you can forget about the third row seating for adults. The legroom for occupants of the third row is so scanty that only children can be accomodated back there, and even children may not be too comfortable.

And lastly–if your mystery country does not have any snow–why would you think that you need a crossover/SUV?
If you want to be able to seat 7 adults comfortably, you should be looking at minivans.

We have a RAV and it’s a great car and would be a practical buy anywhere w/o snow if you can get one in 2wd. Personally, with the hybrid and all electric rumored to be coming out in the RAV in 2012 or so, I might wait that one year till the dust settles. As technology increases exponentially, you may have to wait forever to get the best buy. :=) Just kidding. As VDC says, you may get 28 mpg, but only under ideal conditions which seldom happens. Expect average of low twenties like ALL the best SUVs and comparable large capacity vehicles. Wait for the hybrid !

Toyota Rav4 suv 2011 is nice car. Interior & exterior is awesome. The cabin is light and airy, offering good all round visibility.

Hmmm…The Rav is a very good vehicle, but let’s not get carried away.
An “awesome” interior?
My opinion, and that of everyone with whom I have spoken, is that the interior is rather cheap-looking.

However, the down-market interior notwithstanding, the Rav is a very capable, very reliable vehicle.

Even though we are happy with the service of our Rav, we chose it over a CRV because of the slightly better winter traction. If this is not as big an issue, I would give the CRV a long hard look. We have a 2010 CRV in the family, and it’s an excellent car too…not awesome though. Another family member has a Rogue and it too deserves a try with it’s excellent drive train including it’s cvt and interior.