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Toyota Prius MPG

Toyota Prius owners,
How many MPG do you REALLY get? What model/year is your car?
Please share.

You might want to go here instead;


Sorry, but the chance of getting honest answers are slim. Someone asked this identical question at Toyotanation Forum and received a lot of numbers that had to be fiction.

Why not just go to and get all the data you need by year?

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mom’s 2010 get’s around 45mpg mixed driving in the winter and 50-55mpg with an even mix of city and highway. Best result so far is 60mpg on long trips. Same results year after year.

Driving environment and driving style are such huge variables, especially with hybrids, that while the question is interesting I’m not sure a solid answer is possible. Whatever it turns out to be, it’ll be virtually meaningless. If your Prius is running well and serving your needs, you should just motor forward and enjoy your good fortune. :grin:

+1 for this recommendation. I looked up the 2015 Prius at and there are 18 owners that reported mileage. I’m sure you will get a lot of data there.

Here are some examples of Prius and hybrid MPGs recorded carefully. My pal Patrick Rall at a publication I write for is a very experienced writer/reviewer. His daily driver is a Ram truck with a V8. He owns three race cars, all V8s. He is, I am pretty sure, the most track-experienced Viper and Hellcat writer in America and he has a heavy foot. This past summer, on a journey to see Guns and Roses he drove a new 2016 M.Y. Prius Eco hybrid. Not the plug-in, the hybrid. During much of the road trip it was 101F and he blasted the AC pretty much the entire trip. In total, he consumed 13.02 gallons of gas to travel 822 miles. So 63.1 MPG. A bit higher than the EPA estimate. In my testing, every Toyota hybrid I have driven has exceeded or matched the EPA estimated Combined rating. That includes a Lexus RX, ES, CT, multiple Camry Hybrids and a RAV4 hybrid in pretty much all weather conditions. For sure winter blend gas and tires slightly lower in pressure due to cold does drop MPG in all cars slightly, but it does not seem to hurt hybrids anymore than mainstream cars in my testing. Currently working on a story about a Prius with 250K miles. Owner’s report is that it is running exactly like it did on day one with the original battery. Beware reports by publications that test hybrids on short test-track runs. Those are meaningless. Real-world MPG testing requires one drain the tank at a minimum to see how well the car does over time and distance. Hope that helps.

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I find OP’s question to be almost useless, no offense intended

There have been several Prius generations, and several different types of Prius

It’s almost like asking “Hey Corolla owners, how many miles a gallon do you get?”

I’m sure a 1978 rwd Corolla owner isn’t getting the same mileage as a 2012 fwd Corolla

You have to provide more information, and the question has to be more specific


Even better to use the Camry as an example. There have been probably 20+ engine/trans combinations over the last 30 years.

OK, thanks, folks for the recommendation. The reason I asked here was that I wanted to know what real owners got, driving in the real world, not some EPA estimates derived under laboratory conditions. I now realize that I should have restricted my question to specific years/models. OK, if you have a Prius or Prius C, 2014 model or later, what MPG are you getting?

There is a reason why the phrase ( your mileage may vary ) . The answers you get will be worthless for these reasons: people don’t always give real facts-people live where there are mountains-there are rural areas-some people don’t do any thing but city traffic.
As was suggested, a Prius based forum is where you need to be.


@VOLVO_V70 Thanks. I’ll check out those Prius forums also.

One more place is As you can see, hundreds of Priuses over thousands of fillups average around 45 mpg or so: has some #'s from actual owners.

As I said above, there are real reports from real people about gas mileage at and not just EPA estimates.

@gorehamj Thank you so much for your valuable input!

The Facebook Prius Owners Club has about 700 members. You may find some good real-world MPG numbers there. Like many above have mentioned, the trim and year matter. One way to ask the question might be “Do you find that you get the EPA-Estimated Combined MPG over time?” Good luck. Like all such inquiries, the folks whose results call at either end of the Bell curve will be the most likely to answer.

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Have you checked the page?

Yes, very interesting site! The site wasn’t too useful because the sample size was extremely small, but fuelly has more, and the site averaged out what the users reported without my having to do so!