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Toyota Prius, dealer can't replace battery for at least a month! Loaner possible?

My son’s family Prius, still under warrenty, needs a new battery according to the dealer, but none are available for at least a month. Should the dealer provide a loaner? It’s the family car and equipped to hold 3-year and 15 month old children. We’re very concerned they may be stranded on the road with the children.

Do any of you have experience with this situation?

There’s no law saying this. Some dealers do some don’t. Some will offer a loaner at a reduced discount.

Any decent dealer will provide a loaner, not necessarily a Prius.

Did you ask them about it? If this dealer won’t, maybe another will. If there are other Toyota dealers were your son lives, he could see if another shop will provide a loaner.

Find a different dealer,then write a nasty letter to Toyota

Read The Owner’s Manual / Warranty Information.

My car’s manufacturer includes information about courtesy cars and reimbursement for rental cars if warranty repairs require alternate transportation.

I don’t know about foreign cars, though.


Will the Prius be stranded if the battery gives out completely? I was under the impression that the gasoline engine would then provide total power for the car. If this is the case, the dealer probably feels that it would be still fine to keep driving the car.

Toyota, like many manufacturer’s, has an excellence program. It’s the “President’s Award” program. If you’re really getting unsatisfactory results, get the dealer number (if you can, if not, the exact address should do), and give them a call:

Phone: 800-331-4331
Fax: 310-468-7814
Mon - Fri, 5:00 am - 6:00 pm PST
Sat, 7:00 am - 4:00 pm PST

The dealer should be willing to work with you on this…to some degree at least. A loaner, assistance with a rental, or something else entirely. Your car’s dead, and it’s not your fault, they’re still under the gun to fix it. Make the call, it’s worth a shot.

It’s my understanding that the large battery is responsible for starting the car, so if it’s out it may run, but not start.

Is the car still drivable?? If so, just drive it until a replacement battery is available…

As far as I know, no car dealer or car manufacturer is required to provide a loaner car no matter what.
Some may provide a loaner under certain situations as a PR move.

Loaners are a huge expense for the dealer and things like “free” loaners should be kept in mind when wondering why a dealer service department is often higher in price than a comparable independent. A loaner car may just be one small part of that equation.