Toyota manual transmission fluid

I had the clutch replaced on my Toyota Camry CE 2000 about six months ago and since then I started having problems getting in first and second gear. The proble m was very slight in the beginning and became more and more severe. Now, sometimes I cannot get it into first and have to either force it (I can hear a noise while doing it) or I have to start driving in second. Even when I change to highr gears, I can feel like the stick is touching different parts in the gear box.

The mechanic, who changed the clutch test dorve it and said there was nothing wrong. I insisted and after a long discussion, he said that the problem may be the transmission oil and he may try a different transmission oil.

I never had a problem with the car before. It has 95000 mi and I haven’t needed to change anything but oil so far. Even the brakes are still like new.

What can be the reason for my gear problem? I don’t feel safe driving it in this condition.

I’m NOT sure if this is the same problem…

But my 98 Pathfinder requires a SL4 rated gear oil. A newer SL5 came out and it says it’s backward compatible with SL4…well it’s NOT. Nissan later put out a TSB saying to NOT use SL5 in the transmission…to ONLY use SL4. The symptons sound the same as you’re seeing.

It could be a clutch problem. Just because it was replaced does not mean it was properly replaced or that the new parts may have been defective. However I suspect the linkage needs to be adjusted.

When is the last time you changed the transmission oil?

I think the problem is with the clutch. Can you shift gears easily if the engine is not running? Try it and post back.

What type of external linkage is your car equipped with? does your model have known problems with linkage bushings? (like the old rabbits)Look at the external linkage while someone trys to move the shifter and see if you can see a bind.

If no external linkage is present I am thinking a clutch issue,then internal trans issues.

Did he bleed a clutch release cylinder? Any fluid in reservoir? Possible causes bad release bearing, bad release lever or bad release cylinder.

The statement about not being able to put it in first so you have to start driving in second really sounds like your new clutch is not fully disengaging. The tranny probably is not synchronized into first, so if the mainshaft is turning, it will only go into a higher gear.

If you can put it in first, with the car turned off, but not with the car turned on, then it sounds like you will need to revisit that clutch.

Is reverse on the 1st/second side or the 4th/5th side of the shift pattern? If it is on the 1st/2nd side, the stop on the linkage may be out of adjustment and not letting the shifter go far enough over to squarely hit those gears.