Toyota (Failing Speedometer?)

have a 97 Toyota Avalon. 206,060 miles. Transmission was rebuilt shortly after I purchased it (in 06) . It’s been in 3 shops since then even let an auto tech drive it for a week.

Here is my problem .

The car stutters, very randomly.

What it does is, I’ll be driving and my speedometer will go up and down even though I’m maintaining speed. While the speedometer is moving up and down, it doesn’t go when I push the gas. If the speedometer goes to zero it drives normally… This happens 3-5x a week and never lasts more than minute. This problem has existed for over a year. The only time the engine light came on I had them run the tester and found a vehicle speed sensor. Even with this bit of info, NOBODY has been able to help me. The only long period of time it didn’t do this was the 3 weeks following my full tune up, which also included extremely cold weather…but it has started again…help!!!

(I meant to put “vehicle speed sensor error”) but no tech has found any problems with the component)

It only happens 3 to 5 times a week and then only for a minute. Its not likely that a tech is going to catch it happening. If it was my car I would disconnect the VSS and spray the connectors with contact cleaner and plug it back in,If it still acted up I would replace the sensor

Could be a bad ground somewhere