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Toyota Corolla Verso Rust on ignition Coil cyclinder

hello everyone

thanks for helping me last year on the oil issues of my car,
i now have another issue! when i changed my spark plugs, i noticed
that 3 of the 4 cylinder walls where bright orange!!! apart from the 4th cylinder.
the ignition coils where also rusted and orange, i forgot to take a picture of them as the mechanic just took the old spark plugs put and put the new ones in so fast.

obviously this all due to the previous owners neglect of not servicing the car for over 3 years.

now my question is

1st how did the cyclinder walls and ignition coils go orange? my mechanic said there is probably a leak somewhere in the engine cover causing water to go down

2nd, how do i get rid of the orange rusting in the cylinder compartment?if i put new coil in will they rust again?

3rd- my mechanic said because the ignition coils are showing signs of rusting, eventually they will start to misfire, can i clean the coils and put them back in? or should i put new ignition coils in straight away?

any help and advice would be appreciated. i just dont want to put in new ignition coils in and then they get rusted again.

thanks for reading guys

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Those are not the cylinders, they are spark plug wells. They rusted because they were got wet, are steel and unpainted. Don’t worry about it. The coils can’t rust, they are made from rubber. The coils are stained by the rust in the tubes. Again, don’t worry about it. Don’t replace the coils because of this. I’d squirt a little silicone spray in there but that is all.


these spark plug wells are part of the aluminum head? or are they steel inserts?

I’m not familiar with the Verso . . . I don’t think it’s sold in the US

Anyways, does the engine have coil over plug?

I’ve seen cases where the boots have been slightly compromised, allowing condensation to find their way into the tube and spark plug, just as in your pictures

On most vehicles, you can buy the boot separate from the coil(s)

It’s sold worldwide–with the exception of The US and Japan. We and the Japanese get the Rav-4, and the rest of the world gets the smaller Verso.

ok cool thank you, just a little worried that my mechanic said this could eventually cause misfiring!

not sure Mr Cavell, i wish i got a pic of the whole engine, im going to open it up in a few days and clean the inside of the wells, il provide more photos when i open the engine.

really not sure about this sorry

yes its a good car the verso allows a 7 seater set up.

thanks for all the comments guys, if its just a matter of cleaning up then i will arrange this in a few days, i thought it might have been a serious matter eventually causing misfiring.