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Toyota Corolla Starting issue


I have a 1996 Toyota corolla. it has been working fine until recently. I had problem starting the car intermittently. When I turned the key, it sounds like it cranks but the car would not start. If I tried it again after a minute or two, it would start again. It happens twice to me already so far. It has been around 4000 miles since my last oil change. And my engine oil has been leaking slowly for years (probably due to bad gasket) and I checked regularly and made sure the Engine oil is filled up to Full level.

I haven’t brought it to a mechanics yet but I would like to know what could be the issue. Thanks in advance for any replies.


It may be a weak fuel pump. Next time try turning the key to the “on” position where the dashboard lights come on, but wait several seconds before cranking the engine. This delay allows the fuel pump to build pressure. If that helps start the car, the fuel pump is the likely culprit.

Hi jesmed1,

Thanks for your quick reply. I kind of remember that was what I did this morning. I had problem starting it. I turned it on and waited for a few seconds and cranked the engine and it started. I can tried it again next time if it happens again.

Would you know how much would it cost to have the fuel pump replaced? Just want to know before I bring it to a mechanics.

Thanks again.
JyG estimates $450-$550 for the job.

Wouldn’t hurt if they checked the fuel pressure before replacing the pump.
It could also be a failing fuel pump relay or a loose or corroded electrical connection.