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Toyota corolla 1997 1.8 dx automatic transmission fulid dirty and any recommendation for care?

? Corolla 1997 transmission dirty

Have it changed. I guess that is the answer you want.

And have the filter changed if it has one. Make sure Toyota - compatible fluid is used.

This might be helpful.

Be sure to click on the link included on “proper service” and read that too.

Hmmm…wonder how he knows the fluid is dirty if he doesn’t have a dipstick??


Why would he NOT have a dipstick? Sealed transmissions from Toyota didn’t appear until about 2005.

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Uh, I was being sarcastic…


My Corolla does have dipstick.When i check the transmission fulid its black. What should i do?

DO NOT FLUSH, under any circumstances! Have the fluid and filter changed by dropping the pan and cleaning it out,. Have this done by a reputable independent shop, not a chain such as Cottman or AAMCO.

Cost should be about $135 or so.