Toyota celica gt 1993

Hi I’ve recently rebuilt my celica gt and the engine management light was on , I wiped it and keep getting the same code 52 which I think is the knock sensor car drives terrible under load , idles up and down a little , I’ve actually replaced the sensor just now and wiped the ecu but as soon as I rev it , bang it’s back and I’m getting the same code 52
Please help lol

Why do you think that code is for the knock sensor? Those codes were not standardized in OBD I. You need a service manual for that vehicle to confirm what the code stands for.

The interweb offers a suggestion.

52 Knock sensor (KS) -circuit Wiring, KS, ECM

This doesn’t sound like a bad knock sensor to me. It sounds like a vacuum leak, a possible bad igniter, perhaps a loose distributor shaft, maybe a bad EGR system (valve sooted open).

What was the extent of the “rebuild”? Did you rebuild the engine? Did you replace any peripheral components?

It’s a full rebuild , when I wipe it it’s absolutely fine until it hits 2000 revs then it comes on and it’s the same again , I’ve looked at the wire from it to check for any breaks but couldn’t really see any .
My brother (merc mechanic) is having a look over it , thanks for the suggestions I will pass them on to my brother also it wasn’t like that before rebuild so hoping it’s vacuum lines thanks guys will let you know how I get on

Does anyone have a pic of the vacuum lines on a celica gt 1993 coupe 3sge engine please

Try this link.

Or, if you ask the parts guy at your local Toyota dealership, he might be able to print one up for you.

The vacuum pipes were on incorrect , I’ve put them right now , wiped the code and still the same code 52 and same symptoms again , it drove ok before rebuild , it’s really started to do me head in , so if anyone has any suggestions , thanks

Hi I need to wire a new wire to the knock sensor , does anyone know where on the ecu it goes ??

Ask and you shall receive.