Toyota Celica 2000 stalls at intersections

i) I don’t drive my car very much. However have recently noticed:

a) if I’m stopped at an intersection for a prolonged period of time, the car (steering wheel?) shakes a little and car turns off.

b) I restart with no problems.

Any ideas/tips/pointers?

Thank you


p.s. Could it be a battery issue?

Not a battery issue. You feel the engine shake before the car engine stops? Could be a idle air control or a bad spark plug. You should get an engine code scan at a parts shop and post the codes here. It is free at most parts stores.

Have idle air control valve cleaned and if that does not work new plugs,wires and cap

I agree. Probably a dirty/malfunctioning Idle Air Control valve.

If there were a problem with the plugs, wires, or cap this would cause a misfire and the Check Engine light would come on.