Toyota Celica 1993

Toyota Celica 1993 has been in the shop for 7 weeks and now the shop says they have no idea how to fix the car. Car blows a fuse when the car is started. Replace fuse; try again and fuse blows. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

What fuse is it blowing? Also, which engine do you have? Automatic or Manual transmission?

Find a new shop, preferably one that specializes in automotive electrical systems, and have it towed there.
Clearly you have a direct short to ground, and a good shop that can interpret schematics and wiring diagrams should have no problem finding it.

First - thank you both for your help. Second, Automatic transmission Third, I do not know the exact fuse - I would need to contact the shop to find out.

yeah, get it out of there. don t be surprised if you get an offer on the unfixable celica…

No car should sit in a shop for 7 weeks. Look in mechanics files for another shop.

No car can sit in a shop that has any real mechanics for 7 weeks. No how…no way.