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Toyota Camry with coolant loss and loose head bolts

I have a 2003 4 cylinder Toyota Camry with 63000 miles on it. I lost internal heat and the engine over heated. So I stopped and though I lost my water pump but the mechanic tells that the back 2 head bolts where loose and that my coolant went out the back of the engine. I know there was sine of coolant on the back of the engine before but I was not loosing it. Has any one heard of this?

P.S I do have other problems the transmission fluid is dark and there is a small section of a bad weld on the back fender.

I assum eyou mean you lost your coolant rather than “lost internal heat”.

No, I have not heard of this. Your engine would not have run successfully for seven years, or even seven days, with loose headolts. And headbolts do not become loose by themselves.

My guess without looking at the engine is that you lost coolant, overheated the engine, and warped the head. The original reason for loosing coolant might have been a bad headgasket or some other cause, but the damage now is significant.

You need a good shop that can assess why you lost the coolant in the first place and what the current condition of the engine is. The orginal cause might be hard to determine now that the head is warped and the headgasket likely blown, but a good assessment of the cooling system overall and the engine overall needs to be done.

I would not worry about the tranny fluid or the bad weld until finding out exactly where you are with the engine.

Did you buy this car used? Does it have a rebuilt/salvage title? This car sounds like it has been severely neglected and or abused.

1)The head is being remachined, and yes I lost “lost internal heat” may be “cabin heat” that was do to, not having coolant but a broken water pump can display as the same problem.

2)used but clean title

This is a known defect with this engine. Very common for the two rear bolts to loose coolant, something about the bolts getting stuck in the head. If you look on toyotanation you will find more info.