Toyota Camry Exhaust Quote -- Fair Price?

I need a single flexible pipe replaced. It is the one that attaches under the catalytic converter in front and goes about 1/3 of the length of the car. Was quoted $370 for the part and about $120 for labor. Is this a fair price? I will call some other garages tomorrow but wanted some input. Thank you in advance you guys never let me down.
2001 Toyota Camry 4 cylinder.

The price of the flex-pipe depends on it’s length and diameter.

$370.00 seems a little steep for the flex-pipe itself.

The old flex-pipe will have to be cut out and the new one welded in.

So the labor is about right.


Thanks Tester. The quote was for the entire pipe which includes the flex part.
I did some more research elsewhere–Some people suggested that a shop could just cut out the flex pipe part and weld in a new one for about $150. Any thoughts on this?

I’ve welded in many flex-pipes.

As matter of fact, I just welded in a flex-pipe for the exhaust for the V6 version of your vehicle.

Go price out that part!


Too little information. But I can tell you that a full pipe assembly OEM in stainless steel would cost you a whole lot more.

The material is the rub. You’d be better to pay more and get stainless rather than aluminized steel… if your budget will support it.

Just today I hit some road debris and popped two tires, the LF and LR. Since the other front was down to about 4/32", and since the shop didn’t have what I usually run (Hankook Ventus) available, I needed to replace all four. I had a choice of Continentals (which I will never ever ever ever buy again), Michelins (too expensive for my wallet) and Definities (which I’m totally unfamiliar with) I went with the Definities. Sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do. My budget made the decision. I could not fault anybody for compromising to keep the cost low.