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Toyota Aygo

Would This car sale in the U.S.A now with such high gas prices? The car gets 50 mpg combined city/highway using a conventional 1L 60 HP engine. Its very utilitarian. http://en…oyota_Aygo

There are many cars in Europe from Volkswagen, Peugeot, Citroen, etc etc that get incredible gas mileage. (I think the Blue Diesel VW Polo can get 60mpg) Many of these cars would sell if they were in the U.S right NOW, but the problem is that many would not pass our safety/emissions/crash standards without modifications. Modifications cost money and time and we are looking for cars now. Also, automakers have a fear that if they go to the trouble to bring these cars here that gas prices could fall down the road and buyers would lose interest.

We’ll see more efficient cars down the road, but don’t expect to see anything great real soon.

No way it would work here. Bringing it up to U.S. spec would add weight. And the Euro version is already unforgivably slow (note the 0-62 in 14.2 second claim). Adding airbags and possibly emissions equipment would cost it dearly in what little performance it already offers. And possibly in fuel economy in added weight.

I think it already has air bags and gets a four star safety rating

Top Gear Playing Soccer in Aygo’s

The Aygo has been sold in North America for a few years already. It’s called the Yaris.

The Yaris and the Aygo are two different cars, the Aygo is closer to the smart car size, the Yaris is slightly larger