Toyota Avalon groaning sound on acceleration

Toyota Avalon XL 2004 108,000 Miles.

You can hear it best on the 2nd/3rd acceleration. Sounds bad to me it started out of the blue. If anyone here has any ideas on this or advice, would appreciate it.

When did you last change the transmission fluid?

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id say 30,000 miles since I got this car but the owner before me I don’t know when they did last. But, they are someone who I belive keeps up with all that stuff. I am late for oil which I did today and at least checked all the fluid levels added some anti-freeze. You think its the culprit ? in this case is the damage already done? thank you

Can you duplicate the noise in neutral revving the engine? I can’t make the noise out very well, but my guess in a loose or damaged air intake/filter housing.

Still not clear-how many miles ago did you change the fluid?

It is hard to tell from the sound clip. but to me it seems like a vibration or a rubbing sound. can you pinpoint where the sound is coming from? it could be exhaust moving and vibrating on something. I heard something similar to that. it turned out to be a loose plastic wheel well inner liner that would rub on the tire when they accelerated. like I said it is hard to hear from the clip and knowing the area it is coming from might give more ideas. If it was up on a lift, you might see what the problem is from underneath.

Try driving in different gears. Does it happen at a particular RPM? That could mean a dented vibrating B pipe or a loose heat shield around the catalytic convertor. I have had both in my 1999 Civic.

I have had it without changing that fluid for about 30,000 miles. Before getting the car, Its unknown as I inherited it from a family member that passed away. She always seemed to be on top of these things though.

I can indeed yes.

Is it fair to say that if this sound happens in netural that rules out plastic rubbing scenario ?

Have you tried to pinpoint the noise with the hood open in park? You can manually advance the throttle on this car at the throttle body if you don’t have an assistant to rev it up with the pedal. Probably check the YouTubes if you aren’t familiar with using the throttle body manually.

ill see what i can do and update you guys thanks

Update: not fixed or found but had someone test drive and they suspect the sound is coming from my exhaust