Toyota Avalon 2001 - Transmission fluid changes

Hello! I had my transmission fluid changed two days ago. I have only driven the car 20k upon getting it a few years ago. My fluid is light brown so took it to my mechanic for a drain and change. It’s still light brown and transparent. I want to get it changed again cause read only half of old fluid is removed. Is this true and how long should I wait before changing it again? It’s driving and shifting fine. No burning smell

Drain and fill is the preferred method for a Toyota.I would perform another drain and fill at around 50k miles so the fluid will be a brighter red.

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Some shops flush the fluid, and that removes all the fluid. Those that drain the fluid may drain, fill, drive around the block, the repeat once or twice more. For my 2005 Honda Accord EX V6, Honda recommended not flushing, but doing the drain/fill/drive cycle 3 times. If you still have the owner’s manual, Toyota may have similar recommendations for your transmission there.

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I would suggest that you not wait, and that you do another fluid change very soon.
If the newest fluid is still not red when you examine it a few days after it is changed, then yet another fluid change would be a good idea w/in a few weeks.

My best guess is that this car–that the OP has had for only a few years–never had its trans serviced by the previous owner, and that is not a good thing.

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I’m getting it changed again Thursday of the upcoming week . I got in touch with my mechanic

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A pan drop only allows between 25-35% of the total amount of transmission fluid to removed from the transmission.

The rest is held in the torque converter, valve body, and transmission fluid cooler and lines.

The only way to replace all the fluid is to perform a transmission fluid flush.