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Toyota 15cc diesel do not start after ss

hi , i have a Toyota 15cc diesel engine (automatic gearbox) overheted and needed head gasket replaced and a new head fitted car went perfect for a few weeks but burning a little bit of oil. then suddenly the car stopped starting in the morning or after the car was not in use for a few hours… the only way to start is to keep turning over and over until it start and when it start a big cloud of white smoke exit from the exhaust for about 3 mins working , I have also changed the injectors and the heaters but the problem is still there . can you psl help me solve this problem ???

Are you getting electrical power to the glow plugs during the preheat cycle, during cranking, and postheat. The cloud of white smoke is vaporized but unburnt diesel fuel. You might connect one of the old heaters external to the head and go through a start up cycle to see if the glow plug is heating (glowing) adequately.

BTW I assume you mean a 1500 cc diesel engine.

Hope this helps.

You should check the coolant before starting it again. It sounds like the head or head gasket is leaking again. It is likely that the white smoke is actually steam.

1 : Dig big hole.

2 : Bury car.

Actually, he might only need to dig a small hole in order to bury this doomed vehicle.
After all, how big could that Toyota be if the engine only displaces 15 cc?

Seriously, however, I agree with Rod Knox that the white “smoke” may actually be steam.
Either the head gasket is breached again, and/or–more likely–the cylinder head was warped from the overheating incident(s) and needs to be replaced. A new head gasket will not solve the problem if the cylinder head is warped.

The OP did say “a new head fitted”, so it might be a warped block.
Rare, but possible.

OP what model year is this Corolla? I now assume that you mean the engine has a designation of 15CC, i.e. 15th design of a Compression Combustion diesel engine.