Towing with a shortbed



I may be getting a Ram 1500 V8 shortbed (6.5’) PU, I’ve been told that it is danger to tow with a shortbed PU. Does anybody know if this is true? Thanks


It depends of course on what you are towing, fill us in on the details.


My brother in-law owned the PU since new, one day he went to buy a yard of premixed cement and they would not let him tow the trailer with this truck, they said because it was a shortbed it was dangers and their insurance would not cover it.
If this is true I do not understand why they would put a big V8 and receiver hitch on the truck.
I do not plan to tow with this but it would make a big difference on resale value.


I wonder if it is due to liability fears, similar to my 2000 Ford Explorer. I have the tow package, which gives me 5,200# towing capacity according to my owner’s manual. But, this model truck has been black-listed from every trailer rental company from U-Haul to Penske, thanks to the entire Explorer-Firestone roll-over debacle. I’ve used Goodyear’s since I’ve purchased it, but it doesn’t matter a hill of beans to these guys.

P.S. I’ve towed several trailers with it since I’ve owned it, and it is very stable. Use good tires and maintain the proper tire pressure, and there is no issues whatsoever.


No danger at all.

A longer wheelbase helps counteract certain forces.

The danger exists for those towing who decide going well above speed limit with trailer flopping back and forth and ignore it.


Load and tow the trailer correctly and you can tow it with anything. ( 60% of weight forward of axle. Loaded trailer and truck LEVEL with the ground. )
Checking trailer sway is harder with a short bed, but backing the trailer is much easier.

If you know how to correctly check trailer sway in the first place you’ll be OK with any tow vehicle.

I towed a small box trailer full of country/rock band gear all over the four corners with my 92 Explorer for ten years with ZERO sway issues. ( it could over load my brakes on long down grades )
The only sway scare I had was towing an empty car hauling flat bed to pick up my daughter’s dead Taurus. It was empty so there was no option of changing the load ratio and it was slightly tongue high, but I got it under control in about two miles. With the Taurus on the trailer it towed tongue level with no problems.