Towing with a Protege

I have a boat that weighs 140 lb (it’s a 15’ sailboat). I don’t have a trailer and I am wondering if it is possible to tow a load this light. I read that while American manuals recommend towing nothing, European manuals allow for a light load. They say this is because American car dealers want to encourage bigger car purchases. It was not a reliable source, but I am hoping there is some truth.

It is a 2003 Mazda Protege5, manual.

The owner’s manual will tell you if it’s safe to tow with this car (which is Japanese, not European), and if so, what the limit is.

How are you going to tow the boat without a trailer? Keep in mind any trailer you buy will probably weigh more than the boat, and you have to include the weight of BOTH when you’re figuring out the load.