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Towing Vehicle Under $5000K

I tow a 4x8 enclosed trailer with a racing go-kart and tools in it maybe 1800 lbs total - every weekend, April - Oct. Right now I’m towing it with a 2007 Dodge Grand Caravan XLT (3.8L V6). I’m pretty sure I’m killing the transmission. It’s not the weight, it’s the drag - it’s tall and it feels like it weighs 5000lbs when going 65 mph.

I want to find a more appropriate tow vehicle so I can get a larger trailer (12 x 6) over 2200 lbs.

I’d like to spend around $5k

I’d like ABS & passenger side airbags

I’d like seating for more than 3.

I don’t want it to die on the side of the road - but anyhing short of that is OK.

Other than that, I don’t care about ugly, comfortable, etc.

Any V8 powered P/U truck will fill the bill, extended cab or crew cab. I would try to find a stick-shift one because in the $5000 price range, automatic transmission failure is never far off…Forget ABS brakes as a “must have” feature. A big SUV, Suburban or Explorer would work too, but for $5K you will only find beaters…

For five million dollars ($5000K), you should have no trouble finding a tow vehicle like you want.

Seriously, any full-size pick-up truck with a crew cab should work fine.

Unlike Caddyman, I think ABS is pretty important on a tow vehicle. There is a reason commercial semis now have ABS.

Regardless of the low weight you’re right to change vehicles with the air resistance. Get a vehicle rated for 5000 plus pounds capacity. Any mid size or larger SUV will work well. Used Durangos, 4Runners, Ford Explorers, Blazers etc. Even after you change, keep your speed down and out of OD. I agree, for $5K, beggers can’t be choosers and reliability is primary, everything else secondary. Driving slowly while towing trailers with high wind resistance will do more to save your life while towing than ABS and air bags.

Maybe it is because they were terrible - I don’t actually know - but I have often seen used Durangos with reasonably low mileage going really cheap.

The two people I know that go rid of them were tired of the gas gauge going south, but were pleased with towing capacity.

My answer is a full size van. Any of the big 3 American brands of full size vans. They are generally not popular and the resale value reflects that. You should be able to find a decent one for $5,000.