Towing long distance

Hello I have a 1996 5.9 dodge b3500 van I am trying to tow long distance with.
The car towing is a 1983 g20 van that’s rear wheel drive. At ground weight is rounded to 4800 lbs.
The 5.9 b3500 tow capacity is 8800.
As for the 83 g20, towing long distance,is disconnecting the drive shaft and putting it in neutral enough to go long distances without harm to the van?
Much appreciated on any feedback

So lemme get this straight… you are towing a 37 year old 3/4 ton van with a 24 year old 1 ton van with a 5.9 gas V8? And you are going to FLAT tow it, not trailer it? That is very optimistic. I hope you are not going far.

If you don’t have system to apply the brakes on the G20 when the 3500 brakes, you cannot flat tow it legally. It isn’t safe either. Most states require trailer brakes (and the van becomes the trailer) if the trailer weighs more than 1900lb or so loaded.

You could rent a U-haul car trailer with surge brakes that would still be under the 8800 lb rating. Make sure your hitch is a class 4.

Towing with that 5.9 is going to use a lot of gas. They aren’t very fuel efficient, but you likely know that already.

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Correct old van towing an older van, I’m going long distance as moving back home. I was curious about flat towing but Thankyou for the advice, obviously trying to go the cheapest way about it since it is a gas hog to begin with.

Were you planning to put anything in the towed older van? That would make things worse.

I have visions of a sudden emergency braking situation of both of these vehicles jack knifing into a ditch.

Frankly I would sell one of these vans or find a friend to drive one if they both run.

Nothing In either of the vans but some clothes, exactly on the jack knifing as well. I know the route well no hills all flat. But doesn’t stop emergencies either. I know the trailer is gonna cost 739 on top of fuel was trying to keep this move under a 1,000. Limited due to work with most people.

I don’t know your situation, and it’s none of my business.

But do you really need (2) vans? Just wondering if you could save yourself some time, trouble, and money, and sell one of the vans where you currently live.

I like to think outside the box sometimes. :slightly_smiling_face:

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