Towing a vehicle

So I need to tow an '89 Honda Accord 125 miles. I have a 2001 Buick Century that is mine and a friend has a '95 Caprice Wagon, but neither has a hitch at the moment. To use a vehicle transport company it cost about $300. So I wonder if I can tow it with my car safely or if I should just help my friend by a hitch for his car.

I wouldn’t use the Century. The Caprice wagon should work if you have a dolly with trailer brakes.

Most car dollies don’t have brakes. I’ve never towed with one that did. Using the Century is probably out of the question if it’s a four cylinder. The 3.1 V-6 should tow it OK, but in either case you will want to keep your speed down and take it out of overdrive. Also allow a good cushion of space between you and the vehicle in front. Without brakes on the dollie your stopping distance is GREATLY increased. I have seen a lot of guys remove the rear bumper cover from the towing vehicle so that they can temporarily install a hitch. Check it out if you need to do it on the cheap.

The Century is a V6, and the Caprice is a V8.

Use the Caprice.
It is a stronger vehicle design for towing over the Century, and has a higher potential towing capacity, to begin with.