Towing a little kayak trailer&kayak 2009 Honda Civic Hybrid

The 2006 Honda Civic Hybrid was listed as tow-capacity 1000lb. I would like to buy the '09 Civic Hybrid - but have been told by 2 different Honda Service folks towing not recommended, and by a Sales Mngr. that you can tow with a Civic Hybrid. I don’t want to risk any warranty issues. What is the REAL answer? I only tow my kayak about 6 times in the summer… Thanks a bunch.

How much does the trailer and Kayak weigh? How much weight on the tongue of the trailer? Unscientifically, if you can pick up the tongue and pull the trailer and Kayak around fairly easily, occasional towing short distances will be ok. Just take it easy to be on the safe side.