Tow capacity Honda Accord-1992-4 cyl

Hi, the manual says I can tow 1000 lb.

I want to tow a 1600 lb boat about 60 mi, on non hilly roads. The car has 180000mi, automatic.

Can I tow this load?-at careful speeds

Jim Grant

Yes however its a hazard and you will have a rebuild of your auto tranny soon likely totaling your ride.

I would suggest paying someone to this if occasional or otherwise purchasing an inexpensive small truck (Ford Ranger etc) to this task.

First, I want to applaud you for reading the Owner’s Manual, something that far too few people ever bother to do. However, I am confused as to why you would then think that it is appropriate to ignore the advice that you just gleaned from the manual.

Consider this:
When you add the weight of the trailer to the weight of the boat, your car would be towing at least twice the allowable weight. And, the advice in the manual was geared to a new vehicle with everything functioning at its optimum. As Andrew already stated, your 16 year old transmission would not be able to deal with the strain that you would be imposing on it, and the need for a rebuilt transmission would be the outcome.

If you are interested in keeping this car, and if you do not want to have to spend major $$ on a rebuilt transmission, I would strongly suggest that you forget this plan of yours.

As “non hilly” as your trip may seem, there’s still a boat ramp involved in this plan somewhere isn’t there?
I can’t foresee that working out well- either putting the boat in OR taking it out.

I would consider towing 1000 lbs with that car ONCE at 45 or less mph for the whole trip. If you kill someone while towing over the rated weight, you might go to jail.

This vehicle does not have enough Torque, don’t bother. You’re 600 pounds overweight why would you even consider this?

Even more important that just moving that boat is being able to stop. The max load specified in your owner’s manual is the max the whole system can take. That includes Engine, Transmission, Brakes, shocks and tires.
I would be more concerned about your brakes and rear shocks.
Also remember that when towing a super heavy load your front tires will be lifted off the ground and you will loose a lot of steering capability.
I would suggest against this. I am sure that you can rent a truck from U haul or some similar service and do this operation much more safely.