Tourists driving U-Hauls?

I had a great time in Amsterdam. Well worth the time in the plane. You can’t see the Rijksmuseum from here unless you fly. And that’s only one of the magnificent sights in Amsterdam. We went to the Anne Frank house too. A worthwhile visit, but definitely not fun.

Yeah been there. Until he died a few years ago we were good friends with the guy that worked with Otto Frank and worked to make her known, so have seen all of the historic sites. I wanted a cup of coffee as I waited outside the Frank House and there was a coffee shop right next door. I didn’t realize they didn’t sell coffee at the coffee house.

My first good look at the little Smart car parked right next to the canal. Couldn’t figure out why anyone would buy one they were so tiny, but then you could park it anywhere a bike would fit.

Personally, I think that 722 dollars a week is atrocious; much less a day. Other than Pearl Harbor where Dad spent some time in WWII there is nothing in Hawaii I care to see that much.

Then again, I don’t care for tourist traps no matter the location. Last time I went to the Royal Gorge in CO admission was 26 bucks and I left inside of 30 minutes as the place had become a circus.

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We’ve been thinking about going back to Oahu as a family to revisit some old haunts and see a few friends and relatives but we’d need a minivan or large suv for my brother’s family and another car for the folks and I to share. Lots of tourist spots on the island, mostly depends on what you’re going there to see and do. Sometime in the 80’s I convinced dad to stop on the side of the highway because they were getting set up to film a scene of Magnum P.I. where the Ferrari would be driven onto the estate. Right on the highway that hugs the coast between Honolulu and the windward side of the island, waited for some time for the backup car to arrive (Car #1 wasn’t running right) and Magnum and the co-star for the scene hopped into the Ferrari to shoot the scene. Fairly sure the 1st time we heard Car Talk was coming back from the north shore on one of those trips.

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And, my brother bought a low-mileage Ford Fairmont from Enterprise and it was a rolling disaster area.

You are correct. He was not very astute about automotive matters in those days, and he naively thought that Enterprise wouldn’t foist a really flawed car on him. He learned a lot from that experience.

That was 40 years ago, and pretty much any car was a disaster, at least by today’s standards.

Previous to the failed Fairmont, he had a putrid Plymouth and a crappy Chevy, but the Fairmont was the worst of the lot. But–yes–cars of that era (The Good Old Days!!) were frequently problematic.

Like I said before, when I asked our fleet manager about buying rental cars he said no but his reason was cost in that they sold them for about what they paid for them. So with warranties they essentially got a year or two free use of the car by only paying for maintenance. My Pontiac was a rental but it was less than a year old and had 30K on it. So I figured they were selling it before the warranty ran out and must have been on the road quite a bit to put that many miles on in less than a year. I’ve put over 120K on it and been very satisfied.

Outside of the quality of the car itself, from the fleet the best cars were the ones with one assigned driver rather than ones used in a pool. If you can avoid cars that were mainly daily rentals with multiple drivers as opposed to weekly rentals. Like Chicago vs Orlando. I dunno. Luck of the draw. Price was right but mine was from a dealer and dealers tend to pick the best ones out of the crowd to put on their lots. IMHO anyway. I hate looking for used cars.