One way car rental

any way to get around one way charges to rent a car? this is a honeymoon road trip, we bought our flight tickets from Seattle to Chicago and now are finding its extra expensive to rent. I feel like I could buy a junker used car for the same price! should I ship my car out there? any advice greatly appreciated.

Rental companies like to have the vehicles back in the state where they are registered. You might get a break on price if the rental has vehicle that you can get back to Washington or a state closer than Illinois. You won’t get a choice on the vehicle. I had an uncle who had relatives visiting from a foreign country. These relatives were going to drive to Florida from Kentuck and then fly to their home country. They had arranged for a compact car. However, when they arrived at the rental agency, the agent said that no compacts were available and wouldn’t be for a couple of weeks. However, for the price that they had been guaranteed in the contract, they could have a Lincoln Town Car immediately–same price as the compact. It was really interesting–there were rows of compact vehicles at the agency–all with Kentucky plates. The Lincoln Town Car had a Florida plate. The company wanted the Lincoln back in the state where it was licensed.

Google car transporter services. Someone may want their car driven there.


The Amtrak ride from Chicago out west on the Northern route is a beautiful ride. My wife and I have criss-crossed the country by train. In fact, we went by train from the midwest to San Francisco by train for our honeymoon. Would this be an alternative to renting a car for you?

It would be a no-brainer for me. The Amtrak sugguestion is fantastic.
Forget the hassle and enjoy the countryside.

Made me laugh.

My dad (a man who can pinch a penny and get 2 cents’ change) and his newlywed wife (i.e. mom) agreed to ferry a car from PA to CA, for only gas money, with the caveat that they could take their time getting there.

The net effect was that they got free transpotation across the US on a two-week vacation!

Call the different car companies and ask. Last Nov. I rented one from San Fran to Seattle for 10 days. If you have 3 to 4 weeks lead time that helps. Price totals without insurance ranged from $475 to $1300 Unlimited mileage.