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Torque converter on suburu outback

my suburu outback is dying on me when I come to a stop and has happened when just idling. I have been told it is the toque converter and replacement is 2 thousand. Anyone have problems like this?

First, let’s have some basics. Year, mileage, engine size, and time/mileage of last spark plug change. If the engine dies while your idling, I doubt it is the totque converter unless you hear a weird squeal or whine

Who told you it is the torque converter and what was their reason? Does it keep idling if you shift into neutral as soon as you stop.?

Sounds like the converter clutch is sticking on. When this happens it is like having a manual and coming to a stop without releasing the clutch. When the car stalls and the Trans looses line pressure the clutch releases. 2k sounds fair since the transmission has to be removed to replace the converter.

I don’t buy it being the torque converter if it dies just as it is idling. Slowing to a stop, yes, but something else is happening if it dies after it has already stopped.

I can’t buy into the torque converter diagnosis either and 2 grand for a converter sounds a bit high to me although granted, the details behind that price are not given.
Even at a 100 an hour shop rate it seems a bit pricy.

What needs to be known is some useable info about the car as mentioned by BustedKnuckles.

If it dies with transmission in (N) neutral when you are idling it is not the torque converter.

I seem to remember that some GM models would cause stalling at idle if the “lock up” torque converter was not releasing. The fix was to pull the yellow wire (connector) off the transmission which would put the torque converter in a normal mode. I only did this one time on my brother’s car but it did work.