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Tornadoes and Subarus - update

Wife again here - husband put the fuel injection cleaner in - and the next time he started the car after doing so the check engine light came on and the cruise control light was blinking, so he didn’t drive it. This morning we caravaned to our local guys and the lights were on/blinking again and it was running roughish too, and there was a faint damp mustiness smell from the vents. SO, we’ll see what they come up with!

I have for years had irrational fears/phobias of the car breaking down in the middle of nowhere and getting zapped by a tornado - part of the reason I have bought Subarus - reliability!

Understand your concern, but one instance like this does not equate to an unreliable car or brand.

oh don’t get me wrong I love my car still - it was just a crazy experience

Let us know what they say. But don’t put too much faith in any car, regardless of brand, they all have problems now and then.

Don’t get too concerned. Unless the vehicle is pre-1996 (?) it has an Onboard Diagnostic System that will give the mechanic “codes” which he can then interpret to properly diagnose the problem. From your post, this does not sound serious.

You were smart not to drive it this way. You did the right thing and probably prevented more expensive damage.

Carry a cellphone and an AAA card and you need not worry. Cars are far, far more reliable than they were years ago, and help far more available and easier to reach. In the old days there were no cell phones and if we broke down (and we occasionally did) finding help was a challenge. And, yet, in all those years of relattive helplessness, I’ve hever heard of any driver who broke down getting zapped by lightning…unless he decided to shoot a few holes of golf while waiting.

Wife here again - please bear with my non-car-person translation of what our guy said - the code said it was the oxygen sensor so he looked at it and a valve (?) was stuck open, therefore no vacuum. They said it’d probably been getting stuck open on and off for a while, thus the rough running and the breakdown, then fine the next day, etc. $500 later the car runs fine. The fuel-up and tornadic activity was just freakish timing! Thanks again to everyone - and yes you’re absolutely right I can’t hardly remember when help wasn’t a cell phone call away but such a time surely existed in my life!

Exactly what valve is this that is sticking open?

EGR valve maybe?