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Topping off an Alfa Romeo Stelvio when refueling

We frequently remind people here not to top off the gas tank after the nozzle shuts off. However, while looking at the Alfa Romeo Stelvio owner’s manual online (in response to another topic), I happened to notice the following instructions in it:

To ensure that you fill the tank completely, top off twice after the first click of the fuel nozzle. Further top-off could cause faults in the fuel feeding system.

I’ve never seen a statement like this in an owner’s manual before, so I thought this was an interesting item to share.

Odd and interesting. I haven’t heard of it either.

The tanks on newer cars have been redesigned to compensate for EVAP flooding. Supposedly topping off is now ok. But I still always stop on the first click.

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Is it one of the systems that doesn’t have a gas cap? or perhaps Alfas are striving to be even more…unique?

What tcmichnorth said.

I always stop at the first click. I don’t think one can get a full gallon in between the first and second “clicks”, and I always refuel when down to 1/4 tank., so why push it?

After the first click, I always go up to the next 25 cent increment. That extra pint (or less) of fuel never hurt anything. Might be a different story if fuel ever gets back down to 50 cents a gallon again. :rofl:

That is sort of unusual advice to give in an owner’s manual. I wonder if it was translated from Italian to English and in the process some of the original meaning got lost. Sort of like when you read a user’s manual for an imported electrical tool and it says “remove the cord from the spark when not in use”.

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