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Hi, please can you tell me any Web Site where i can see cars ratings and reliabilitys ?

and you was recommend me buy MB ML350, i wanna buy that car… its same better what are you had invite me, and i wanna know what year of ML 350 me need buy? i think same better its ML 350 2006

For starters, see the April issue of Consumers Reports, also available online for a small subscription fee. Search engines are your friend.

You could also try

Better save a few bucks for an English tutor…

Another resource is If you compare all of them, you will have a better idea of whether its reliability is acceptable.

BTW, your American is not all that good, but it is a lot better than our Romanian. Keep posting. It may help you learn the language.


I didn’t know that they spoke Romanian in Armenia!

I can count that as something new that I learned today.

I forgot where our friend is from. That was posted in a different thread. I re-learned something today, too!

I will grant that our Armenian friend’s English is not very good, but I am tolerant of language mistakes made by someone whose native language is not English, whether that person lives in the US or if they live overseas.

On the other hand, US-born people who are unable to communicate correctly in their native English (“college girl” comes to mind, as well as the woman who stated, “husband thinks he fixed are air car”) are another thing entirely. While the US educational system is frequently blamed for their poor language skills, pure laziness and lack of interest in education are also to blame and, in fact, are probably more at fault than the educational system in this country.

Jean77–don’t worry too much about your English skills right now. If you can improve those skills, it will benefit you in many ways, but in the meantime, it does appear that we can all understand what you are asking us.


It got your attention, didn’t it?